Who are we?

Who are we?

Guarding and Investigations Services (NZ) was established by Brandan Hooper to provide a premier security service where customers can be assured they are dealing with a service that is based on experience and integrity. Brandan  has over 30 years international security experience with a background in the armed forces, security, policing and law enforcement  and  State Protective Security Services in Australia. Brandan’s qualifications include Security Consultant (PSPLA). Brandan holds security licenses in both New Zealand and Queensland, Australia so he is able to provide service on both sides of the Tasman.

Security Guarding

G.A.I.S. has experience in all areas of security which includes senior operational and management positions within several private companies and government agencies as well as an extensive background in policing and the armed forces.

Our professional service and experience covers a wide range of complex services and includes the following:

  • protecting and guarding large and small industrial sites
  • close personal protection for very important dignitaries.
  • mobile patrols to monitor buildings as well as commercial and industrial areas.
  • Licensed in New Zealand and Queensland, Australia

Guarding and Investigation Services. has the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. We adhere to all international standards for security operations and all the laws and policies required thereof.

G.A.I.S. has worked at all types of music concerts and carried out mobile patrol visits.  We protect people, property and the delivery of money and other valuables.  Brandan and G.A.I.S has provided protection for members of the Royal Family, as well as other high ranking dignitaries including movie stars and band members.

We have experience in all area of the security industry which includes senior operational and management positions within several private companies and government agencies. During more than 30 plus years Brandan and G.A.I.S. have worked with clients protecting sites in both New Zealand and Australia.

Our Point Of Difference

G.A.I.S. are more than just security guards, we are security professionals with international qualifications and many years of experience.  This clearly differentiates Guarding and Investigation Services from our competitors and highlights us as an organisation with a high degree of professional integrity dedicated to providing a high quality service.

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